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We Make Home Ownership Dreams Come True!

Yep, we’re dreamers too, and if you’re considering a purchase or refinance, we’ve been there hundreds of times, and would love to show you the ropes! Expect great communication from our loan officers, we only hire the ones who have the heart of a teacher, and the mind of a tour-guide. We’ll help you explore the lending landscape, determine your path forward, and have some fun doing it!

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Using our online loan application, you can take your time and complete your application at your own pace.

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We will help guide you through the process to help get the right loan amount and program for you.

When To Refinance

Our team will work with you to make it a worry-free process to improve your interest rate and monthly payment.


“Elementary, My Dear Watson...”

We specialize in helping people make sense of complicated mortgage jargon and red-tape by providing dependable advice, which is reinforced by our years of expertise, and communicated using the most up-to-date technology tools. Yes, “there’s an app for that!” Truly, we love talking shop, and if you’re into technology, you’re really going to appreciate our approach. That said, if you’d like to come visit with us face-to-face, or don’t have a smartphone, we can still take care of you the good-old-fashioned way too. You’re welcome to drop into our local offices and say hello!

Getting Qualified


You Can Too.

We believe that we need to EARN your business. The way that we accomplish that goal is to prove ourselves every day in the work we do for you. We operate differently than most other lenders in this business. We don’t like to spin our wheels spending time or money “marketing” like they do. Odds are you won’t find our photos on any billboards or bus benches somewhere. You probably won’t see us out door-knocking, or hear us cold calling. Why? Because we think that our time and efforts are better spent with our noses to the grindstone, and being focused on service to our client’s questions and needs. The result? We are available for you when you need us--which makes you happy, and makes you want to refer us to your friends and family. Imagine that! We are able to provide a consistently high level of service, and our past clients constantly refer us, because we’ve EARNED it.

Refinancing Options

“I can't even begin to describe to you in words how happy we are. I genuinely know in wouldn't have been happy working with anyone else, you’re seriously amazing and are fantastic at what you do. We appreciate you so much and will always look to you for any future questions or resources and more importantly referring people!! We love talking about you guys and think everyone should have this great of an experience!!!! I could just run across the street and hug you right now!!!!! :):) Thank you!!!!!”

Nicole and Greg, Sandy, OR

“Thank you so much for everything that you and Michelle did. We would have been lost at sea had we had to navigate everything ourselves. We can’t express our appreciation enough!!”

Tracy and Bill, Oregon City, OR

“I wanted to thank both of you for all you have done for me and my family. Your support throughout this process is invaluable to me. I know that my attention to detail and the various issues that occurred offered its challenges and you both handled them with compassion and professionalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with.”

Jennifer and Kevin

“They were always one step ahead! Very professional! They always answered phone calls and emails in a timely manner! I highly recommend them! I promise you will not be disappointed!”

“nanakiv” via the internet

“I wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help and support through my home buying process. It has been a great pleasure working with your team! Blessings,”