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Fixed Rate Loan

Fixed Rate Loans allow borrowers to easily predict their monthly mortgage costs because the rate is locked at the origination of the loan. This allows borrowers to budget from month to month easily.

Fixed Rate Loans may be the perfect fit for…

  • Borrowers who enjoy certainty when it comes to their monthly bills.
  • Buyers worried about rising rates.

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Loan Features

Fixed mortgage rates

Avoid surprising rate hikes. With fixed rates, this loan gives borrowers certainty around their monthly mortgage payment.


Since the term and payment are fixed, Fixed Rate Loans are straightforward and easy to understand.

Predictability and predictable budgeting

You can rest easy that your monthly payment is the same each month.

Easy to compare different lenders

Because of the straightforward nature of fixed rate mortgages, you can easily compare mortgage options from lender to lender.


Sunrise Mortgage Group provides you with the tools you need to make the right borrowing decisions. These calculators may borrowers in determining different values in the loan process. Try to ensure the information you enter is as accurate as possible.

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